Understanding Tax Strategies for Retirement Distributions

You have been working hard to slowly build up a retirement nest egg. You have been maximizing returns while mitigating risks. You have been dutifully paying government taxes and funding social security your entire working life. In a few years, you will be ready to say...

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How Do Roth IRAs Work – The Complete Beginner’s Guide

It's never too early to start thinking about retirement. If you're ready to begin planning for this important stage of your life, you need the right retirement account to help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, a Roth IRA can help provide you with all the tools you...

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Tax Planning Basics

For years it was assumed that tax planning was reserved for the wealthy. While wealthy individuals will see the most benefit from tax planning, with big changes looming for the 2018 tax year, even middle-income earners can reap the benefits of tax planning.

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Understanding Investment Risk

All investors – be they conservative, moderate or aggressive – need to understand that the level of returns they expect to generate is directly related to the amount of risk they are willing to assume – the higher the return, the higher the amount of risk one needs to take.

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Social Security Facts for 2019

As of December 2018, more than 43.7 million retired Americans collected Social Security, with more than 8 million disabled workers collecting benefits as well. But Social Security is much more than retirement income. Along with providing a small income to millions of seniors, Social Security also provides life insurance as well as survivor benefits.

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Planned Giving

Do you know that there are so many excellent and easy ways that you can support your favorite charity? Perhaps you’ve donated your time by volunteering, or maybe you donated a few articles of clothing that you no longer need, or even possibly you went to a great extent in organizing a drive of some sort to raise funds for an issue close to your heart.

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